Rep. Mark Neuman (R)

Alaska’s 8th District — Big Lake


I do not and never have supported using the Permanent Fund Dividend for government spending. Removing those funds from our local economy has been devastating to our local businesses. We must continue, at this time, to reduce the size of government, which will be even more difficult to do with the implementation of revenue from the PFD. The people have said “reduce spending first!”

The time I have spent working and talking with the people of our District and around the state has been a positive experience. Learning to listen to the needs and implementing those needs is a great challenge but one we can handle together. It is imperative to find new ways to diversify our economy.

It is time to utilize our natural resources more, add value to them and create jobs for Alaskans. Getting government out of the way with regulation reform.

I am a strong supporter of gun rights for the individual, sponsored and passed “Stand your ground” law. I will always be active in supporting fishing, hunting and trapping opportunities for all Alaskans.

This is a time in Alaska’s history where we need to turn government around. I have heard you. You want less government control of your lives, as I do also, that is my goal. Thank you for taking the time to become better informed.

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