Governor Dunleavy Announces Changes to Special Session Call


Following meetings with Senate President Giessel, House Speaker Edgmon, House Minority Leader Pruitt, and Senate Minority Leader Begich, Governor Michael J. Dunleavy has announced he will amend his special session proclamation to add several time-sensitive issues to the call.

The Governor also announced he has changed the location of the session to Juneau, removing constitutional and statutory disagreements for members who convened in Wasilla.

“It will take a lot of compromise among all 60 legislators and the governor to breach the current impasse,” said Rep. Lance Pruitt (R-Anchorage), House Minority Leader. “I appreciate the compromise from the governor and other legislators to change the call of the session, and I’m confident we can move forward on an agreement that meets the deadlines in front of us.”

“I’m encouraged that everyone has come to the table to try and find compromise,” added Sen. Mia Costello (R-Anchorage). “We appreciate the Governor’s quick response to our proposal, and we look forward to being with our colleagues in Juneau to wrap up the people’s business.”

In addition to changing the location of the call to Juneau, the governor also announced he would be adding several other items to the call: matching funds for federal transportation programs, state matching funds for village safe water projects, funding for the new crime legislation (HB 49), and fixes to the incorrect funding sources named in the final version of the capital budget passed by the legislature in May. This move allows the legislature to find solutions on outstanding items quickly.

The legislature is expected to begin meeting in Juneau as early as Thursday.